New Fin-Wing Video 4 14

Check out the new “Fin-Wing, The Lure That Swims!”. Comes with two hooks, 3-D eyes, real silver plating and a UV finish. Available in three sizes and TWELVE colors. Check out the web site at…

Pesca de lucio Abril 2014 GoPro Hero3 “Lake Valdecañas”

Ayer tocaba patear la orilla, dos cañas en mano y probar suerte.. nada mas llegar vi una actividad sorprendente, buenos peces rondando aunque no se sabe si buscando alimento.. fui en busca…

Kayaking With A Buddy!

I was lucky enough to have been able to meet a fellow kayak fisher from a kayak forum we are on. We hooked up on the Holland River for a quick paddle.

Pêche du brochet en Irlande (IFC Saison 2014)

Souvenir de pêche du brochet en Irlande lors d’un Séjour à l’International Fishing Center en 2014.

Handzahme Hechte am Mystery Lake

Hechtfütterung per Hand!

天黑10分鐘內3條,5個小時後還是3條–Eging on the boat–2014春餌木季 Eging

2014春餌木季Eging- 里歐墨Leomo.

花枝掉了..再拼嗎?!!— 2014春餌木季Eging

2014春餌木季Eging 里歐墨Leomo.

輕鬆兩竿一花支2.3kg Cuttlefish–2014春餌木季Eging

2014春餌木季Eging 里歐墨Leomo.

不識2kg 軟絲squid–怎麼心裡想的都是花枝…2014春餌木季Eging

2014春餌木季Eging 里歐墨Leomo.

一對軟絲疊著回來,3.1kg 軟絲squid–2014春餌木季Eging

A pair squid 2014春餌木季Eging 里歐墨Leomo.


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