Рыбалка нового поколения – Ловля карася на фидер

Сюжет видео приложения к иллюстрированному альбому о современной рыбалке «Рыбалка нового поколения – Next…

canal tench, a very quick session – chrisnsamfishing

unfortunately a very very short session as the weather was horrendous hope you enjoy seeing the red eyed beauty’s i managed to pull out though :)

Uncle Steve Is Fishin’ As The Rain Lets Up

Uncle Steve Is Fishin’ As The Rain Lets Up Uncle Steve demonstrates his technique for catching fish hiding under a large rock in a rapid stream at Cedar Falls, Randolph County, North Carolina….

Shark Fishing with Lures from the Beach

Targeting sharks with lures is one of the most exciting fishing experiences of my life! We started out very early in the morning. We quickly caught 2 blacktip sharks on lures. As soon as the…

Gulf of Mexico Kayak Fishing Shark

Gulf of Mexico Kayak Fishing Shark Kayak fishing for Cobia… we run into shark infested waters off of Cape San Blas in Florida.

UTC Surf Fishing Trip

SUpposed to be a nasty day with bad swells and weather…ended up being perfect and we caught our biggest shark yet!!

winter spearfishing Greece 2015 no2 (pesca submarina ψαροντουφεκο)

John Wilson Fishing 13 15 Milford Haven Blue Sharks

ot a fan of sharks, but the Blue Shark is a real beauty John Wilson Fishing 13 15 Milford Haven Blue Sharks.

Rynda River Mi8 Low Fly-by Rupert’s Pool, Atlantic Salmon Reserve

An Mi-8 in lo-level fly by in heavy fog. Coffee time on Ruperts pool gets interrupted! Do not underestimate these Russian pilots, the river is very steep sided in places and visibility was…

Kombo Fish Tool. Let’s see the guts…

In this video we demonstrate the functions of the Kombo Fish Tool and take it apart to see how it’s made. We show you the engineered air pockets to keep it afloat as well as the stainless steel…

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