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Lost TUBS on Zman Toobz

Clatterbrat animations by SlowerLowerStudios Freshwater bass and saltwater striper and bluefish fishing. …

Brook Trout Algoma

Fishing 411 with Mark Romanack is designed to make you a better angler. From lure selection, choosing your tackle, to locating fish; Fishing is here to bring you more success on the water….

Fishing Monster Crappie

The only way to get on this lake is by canoe or small boat. At first we didn’t find anything but small northern’s and perch. We headed to the other side to find the crappies liked these tall…

20140721 Trip Report

21 July — It’s a bad day when the crappie are bigger than the bass. A kayak bass fishing trip to Beggars Bridge Creek, Back Bay, Virginia Beach VA.

“J-Town” Bass Bonanza featuring Z-Man lures

A fun an exiting adventure to Jefferson City on 19 July resulted in more than 70 fish caught in a 3.5 hour outing to a small private lake. Z-Man products were affixed Midwest Finesse Rig style…

Trolling Motor Tip from Wade Hendren and Roy Logan

Positioning your trolling motor is critical. 2010 and 2012 National Champions show you how they position their trolling motor to be more efficient.

Tackle Grab Unboxing July 2014

Follow me on Twitter @FishinWithTyler.

Fox Sports Outdoors SOUTHEAST #18 – 2014 Wister Lake Oklahoma Crappie

This week’s episode at Lake Wister, Oklahoma features some of the largest crappie anywhere in the south or southwest regions. Plus you’ll see our weekly local fishing reports. See lots more…

Slabs on a Grub

Found the crappies schooled up after the spawn one after the other they got bigger as the wind picked up. Wind noise made it impossible upload with audio.

FwBM First Fishing Trip In My Kayak

Fishing with Big Mike 7/12/14 Season 2 Episode 17 My first trip in my kayak, this is the same day as the baby bart kayak video just earlier in the day. Using a jigspinner in Labrador Pond…

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