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Wally Marshall finds Lake Falcon amazing for springtime slabs

Mr. Crappie Wally Marshall found his very first crappie fishing trip to Lake Falcon to be something special.

Fishing with Underwater Lights

We join two friends on Lake Eufaula (Oklahoma) as they show us how to fish using underwater lights. Fishing at night gets them out of the summer heat and into schools of feeding crappie and…

KastKing Fishing Line by Eposeidon

I forgot to mention all orders over $10 ship free! freshwater largemouth bass fishing, crappie, topwater frog, Death Dealer Bart, saltwater surf…

Uncle Steve Gets Another Healthy Crappie

Uncle Steve Gets Another Healthy Crappie Uncle Steve fishes a spot in the Deep River watershed in Randolph County, North Carolina at a new location not previously visited. Date: 16 APRIL…

North Dakota Perch Feeding Frenzy — In-Depth Outdoors TV, Season 7, Episode 7

Kicking off the 2014 ice fishing season with a wild twilight crappie bite! My setup was shiners suspended half way down the water column under slip bobbers. …

Easter Eve Spawn is On Bassin with Jbird

On this trip I’m using 10lb test Copolymer KastKing line available at The line is very small diamter, super smooth, sensitive and str…

4 Bart Boxup – Walter NY

Clatterbrat animations by SlowerLowerStudios For more information about Big Fergs Kordz:

First Crappie Of 2014 For Uncle Steve

First Crappie Of 2014 For Uncle Steve Uncle Steve came over from fishing Franklinville, and used his new 2-lb monofilament rig to catch several beauties incl…

Crappie and bass Fishing Toledo Bend Mar 16 2014

I couldn’t get this uploaded while I was on vacation. Well we all know what usually happens when you hook a big bass on a crappie rig.

Big Kansas Wiper Caught while Crappie Fishing

Fishing for Crappie on El Dorado Lake and hooked into this nice big Kansas wiper. Was fun catching him and we let him go to catch another time. Just another …


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