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My little man is not even 2 and has the fishing bug! Fishing for bluegill or any kind of panfish is a great way to introduce kids to fishing. Take kids fishing every chance you get…& don’t…

Snakehead on Bart – Rich in VA

Clatterbrat animations by SlowerLowerStudios – check out his video showing the making of Bart Junkie: https://

Our Favourite Pond Fishing Lures

Hey guys, more fishing videos comin real soon, we are having bad weather so its hard to get out there and go fishin. If your wondering how to rig a chunk on a jig click here- https://

Centennial Lake Annual Spring Fishing Tournament 5/2/15

Check me out on instagram at: Location: Ellicott City, Maryland Date: May 2, 2015 Time Fished: 6 am – 12 pm Air Temp: high of 76 degrees Water Temp:…

Surviving On The Lake 101

Watch this video and learn how to survive on the lake!

Lake Isabella Crappie Fishing

Lake Isabella crappie fishing 5.2.2015 Gear: shimano sahara 500 reel shimano clarus rod 2 lb line Lake fork shad:

jigging plastics for spring crappie

catching crappie on artificials. fishing spring time crappie on chautauqua lake. bill and mikes angling adventures. roadsnake 90 . all background music from youtube audio library.

Bass Fishing Toledo Bend May 1 2015

Tried several areas and tactics. The water on the LA side was a little clearer and we got more bites.

GoPro Fishing: Channel Opener

All of the locations featured in this video were tough places to catch bass and or crappie so that is why sometimes you can see that I get a little excited( or a lot) over something that isn’t…

FTF’s UP2 Depth Finder Mounting System Performance Review

Video shows how to mount a Humminbird depth finder on a 9-foot inflatable Colorado XTS pontoon boat using the Float Tube Fanatics UP2 (Non-Powered) mounting kit. This kit did not need the…

  • Tarpon and Blacktip Sharks with Scott Martin – 4K May 27, 2016
    Josh and professional bass fisherman Scott Martin joined Scotty Buchanan to go fishing during the annual Florida mullet migration to catch tarpon and blacktip sharks. The day started off throwing the cast net on schools of mullet. After the crew loaded up on bait, they headed out of the inlet to cruise the beaches. We […]
  • Crappie Fishing in Winter- 50 Keepers May 27, 2016
    Me and my dad had a great time out at the lake. Ended up with 50 keeper crappie and 2 extra sandbass. We ended up catching between 125-175 fish all day, a lot of which were obviously not on camera. I caught all my fish on 1/16oz jigs in Blue/Gray/Blue & Electric Chicken colors. Jay’s […]
  • JSP UseBean for Object Creation Example in MVC part 1 JSP Standard Tag Library JSTL May 27, 2016
    jsp:useBean action tag Attributes : id page request session application class type beanName
  • lobster fishing off nova scotias east coast May 27, 2016
  • How To Fish A Splitshot Tube | Bass Fishing May 26, 2016
    The Mojo Rig is a great finesse technique that will catch finicky fish. The tube is also a fantastic bait for finicky fish. Put the two together, and you have a fish catching machine! Here’s how to fish it! Related Video: 5 Ways To Rig A Tube Bait: Come check out the best Bass Fishing […]
  • 2016 Blue Marlin -Gulf of Mexico- Fishing Trip May 26, 2016
    Compilation of video and pics from our 3 day trip out to deepest parts of the Gulf of Mexico from Long Boat Key, Florida on Cats in the Hatt Sportfishing Charters.
  • Blue Marlin Fishing | Big Game Fishing | Fishing | Fishing Videos | Fishing Big Fish May 26, 2016
    Blue Marlin Fishing | Big Game Fishing | Fishing | Fishing Videos | Fishing Big Fish Please Check Out Our Other Videos As Below: 300 pound Goliath Grouper Fish | Big Fishing | Large Grouper caught at Naples Pier | Fishing Videos https:// Fishing – Awesome Fishing Video – Awesome Fishing Troop Attacks Boating Man […]
  • CATCHING AN AMBERJACK IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! (Offshore Saltwater Fishing in Florida) May 26, 2016
    NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A SALTWATER FISH!!! I learn my lesson the hard way as we target amberjack, by the far the strongest fish pound-for-pound I’ve ever fought! Chew on This – BlacktipH – LunkersTV – Special thanks to noobangler ( for the last clip in the video! Baits used: 9 ounce vertical jigg
  • EP 4 – BOWFISHING TILAPIA – Catch n Cook | TDK May 26, 2016
    TDK Episodes: EP 1 – SPEARFISHING TILAPIA – https:// EP 2 – MONSTER EEL FISHING – https:// EP 3 – MUDCRABS CAUGHT BAREHANDED – https:// EP 4 – your watching it In this Episode we decide to target an invasive fish specie to Australia known as Tilapia. Having already made an Episode on spearfishing these
  • Rapala Pro Bass Fishing – Free Fishing Lake Casitas 2 (PS3) May 24, 2016
    Lake Casitas, California Conditions: Random Fish: Largemouth Bass, Redear Sunfish, Striped Bass, Channel Catfish

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