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Proof Kingfish eat Penguins

While fishing for kingfish at Durville Island in New Zealand we landed a big kingfish with a strange eating habit. Upon opening its gut cavity we were very surprised to see a little blue penguin…

Skinning a Dogfish

How to skin a dogfish ready for cooking.

Underwater Blue Marlin Dredge Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

Blue Marlin Jumping on La Onda Mila in Mindelo, Cape Verde

A nice blue marlin (300 lbs.) jumping during The Penn Challenge 2015 in Mindelo, Cape Verde. On board of “La Onda Mila” on rod & reel is Leo Haak from The Trauma Team, captain is Marty Bates,…

Fish & Hunt EP3 Port Stephens Marlin

Dave Butfield and Beau Scott head to Port Stephens to chase marlin with live bait.

Playa del Carmen Fishing Mr. Goodenough on the Flyin Fish Apr 25

Mr. Goodenough has a great day catching on the Flyin Fish- While fighting a dolphin, a big cow is hooked, then while fighting the cow a white marlin is hooked! But no anglers. Later, caught…

Wollongong Black Marlin – Sony Action Cam

Releasing a third marlin in 2 trips.

How to Skirt a BFD Trolling Lure – The Right Way

This step-by-step tutorial will show you the RIGHT way to tie skirts to your BFD fishing lures, which have unique oval saddles. Our skirting expert, known by many as ‘allyearfishing’ on eBay,…

Black Marlin Double Hook Up Release.

Releasing a Gold Coast Black Marlin double hook up. Summer 2015.


aplus plumbing took a few lads out for a fish and had a fantatsic fishing trip.

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  • Fish Warrior – Colossal Catfish (National Geographic) December 1, 2015
    Fish Warrior – Colossal Catfish National Geographic Fish Warrior – Colossal Catfish HD (National Geographic) Documentary Fish Warrior National Geographic Fish Fishing HD (National Geographic) Documentary Fish Warrior HD (National Geographic) Documentary Fish Warrior – Colossal Catfish Documentary National Geographic Fish Fishing Fish Warrior – Colossal Catfish Jakub Vagner Fish Warrior Nat Geo F
  • FISHING FOR RIVER MONSTERS! #3 (Bass Fishing) December 1, 2015
    In todays video I bring you guys along with me at a new fishing spot called Ambush! If you guys enjoy the video and want to see more fishing videos make sure to drop a like! Lets go for 1000 likes! Have a nice day! Check out my previous fishing video here: Subscribe if […]
  • Zoom Trick Worm Bass Fishing December 1, 2015
    In this video I am using the Zoom Trick worm. I try to show you how I use and fish the trick worm while catching a few fish using it. This is a fun way to fish a worm and it produces strikes and Bass! Thanks for Watching! Please Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!!! This channel […]
  • Fishing | Fishing Videos | Fishing Video | Deep Sea Fishing Big Fish | Best Fishing Videos, 2015 December 1, 2015
    Fishing | Fishing Videos | Fishing Video | Deep Sea Fishing Big Fish | Best Fishing Videos, 2015 Fish ( A fish is any member of a paraphyletic group of organisms that consist of all gill-bearing aquatic craniate animals that lack limbs with digits. Included in this definition are the living hagfish, lampreys, and cartilaginous […]
  • Fishing with Rod: Family Coho Salmon Trip December 1, 2015
    For more fishing videos, please visit: October is a fantastic month for coho salmon fishing in the Fraser River. In this video feature, we have a family fishing outing in the Tidal Fraser River near Vancouver. Our fishing method is casting and retrieving a popular salmon spoon in BC, 1/4oz Gibbs Croc spoon. Subscribe to […]
  • Man Catches a “‘BIG SALMON” with a ”BROKEN FISHING ROD” / Late Fall Run 2015 / SALMON FISHING December 1, 2015
    In this video I filmed some guy catching a “Big Salmon” with a “Broken Fishing Rod”,,,It was hella funny!!! Owe and of course I also catch a salmon too! “Just Another FUN Day Of Fishing”… Be sure to check out ALL my other “FISHING VIDEOS” that I already have posted and I have more “Awesome […]
  • Funny videos today this week 2015 | Home amazing funny clip prank | Funny Crab fishing December 1, 2015
    Funny videos today this week 2015 | Home amazing funny clip prank | Funny Crab fishing Crab fishing Funny videos Shin Chan Shhin Chan Funny home prank Ching Chang, shin chan 2015 English version Funny videos today this week 2015 Amazing talent kid Home amazing funny clip prank Funny home videos 2015 Home videos Home […]
  • Commercial Fishing Boat Review Ship Vessel Video For Sale 68′ HouseBoat Cabin Cruiser Cat Diesel December 1, 2015
    Commercial Fishing Boat Video Review Ship Vessel For Sale 68′ HouseBoat Cabin Cruiser Catepillar Diesel Here in Eureka California at Woodley Island Marina at my uncles huge boat he has for sale. It is a 68′ Commercial fishing boat. It has three separate holding tanks for fish, crab, shrimp, oyster, you name it. All of […]
  • Dorado/Mahimahi fishing in the Philippines (January 2014) November 30, 2015
    First “FISHCAPADE” (January 2014). Sorry for the explicit word (due to excitement ). Dorado/Mahimahi 11-12kg Reel: Ajiking Sealine Rod:Ajiking Seagame Wahoo Line:40lbs Leader: 50lbs wire Bait:Fresh Squid Dealer:Pacific Tackles by South West Hooker
  • Fishing – Awesome Fishing Video – Awesome Fishing Troop Attacks Boating Man, My Edited Video November 30, 2015
    Fishing – Awesome Fishing Video – Awesome Fishing Troop Attacks Boating Man, 2015 Fishing, Awesome, Fishing Video,Awesome Fishing Troop Attacks Boating Man, bass fishing fishing bloopers fly fishing fishing videos ice fishing kayak fishing shark fishing crappie fishing trout fishing tuna fishing bow fishing deep sea fishing fishing for bass pingu goes fishing fishing accidents […]

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